About equestrian products, we have not only established a excellent reputation in the industry but also have deep cooperation with major brands all over the world. The sport has extremely demanding on products. Therefore, we will focus more on product quality. We offered two main categories of products in this area:
Firstly, horse rug is generally made of polyester or nylon. The main specifications are 600D, 900D, 1200D and 1680D. The after finishing meets the water pressure and moisture permeability, such as 3000/3000 or 5000/5000. Of course, there are some special requirements for water pressure exceeding 10,000mm. We has good reputation in excellent performance in waterproof and permeability for our customers.
Secondly, the saddle pad fabric is also our strong point. We provide various specifications: TC 80/20 or 65/35, density of 108*58 or 110*76. There are a large number of colored stocks available for customers . You would always find the correct color or item in our stock. Moreover, customers can save more time because of the variety of colors. No matter how many meters you need, we can respond quickly and provide convenient services promptly for customers.